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Privileeg Restoran



served with bread ,pita and Olive oil

Goat cheese salad

9.00 € Goat cheese mousse, grilled tomato, granola

Salmon salad

9.00€ Fermented salmon, black bread creme fraiche, ruby beetroot hummus 

Beef tartar

12.00€ Beef tartar, hunter's salad, homemade crouton

Mediterranean salad

6.50€ Fermented and marinated red paprika, marinated onions, grilled dried tomotoes, balsamic cream
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Main Course

Privileeg Restoran

Main Dishes

Main Dishes

Delicacies of Mother Earth the privilege way

Spaghetti Al’ Arabbiatta

7.00€ Garlic. olive oil. pyramid salt. grated parmesan

Taglatelle Carbonara

7.00€ Tomato sauce. bacon. grated parmesan. pepper

Penne Aglio Olio

7.00€ Garlic, olive oil. pyramid salt. grated parmesan


11.00€ Cod. vegetable quiche. ruby beetroot. carrot sauce

Chicken Ballotine with risotto

14.00€ Chicken roll. Green tea risotto. feta chips. celery


17.00€ Aged duck filet. Roasted garlic pumpkin tart and forest berries sauce


12.00€ Slow cooked pork with mustard cheese potato and plum sauce

Beef Entre cote

18.00€ Coleslaw salad.  Mramor entre-cote. tomato compot

Ginger Soup

6.00€ Seafood mix. chicken. ginger. lemongrass

Light fish soup

6.00€ Carrot. broccoli. leek. fermented cod. olive oil







Our unique tastes waiting to seduce you

Pavlova 3 in row

5.00€ Estragon. mango Bearnaise. raspberry coulis. lime thyme gel

Chocolate Stones

7.00€ Toffee cream. brownie cream fraiche. white chokolate banana mousse

Deconstructed galaktompoureko

7.00€ Prosseco baked apple. vanilla pudding. walnut crisps pomegranate balsamic. citrus jam

Cake de forage bleu

7.00€ Cherry sorbet. walnut crisp. raspberry mayonnaise. blue cheese